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#Burundi Diaspora | From Hopeless Refugee to Inspirational Speaker

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Reunion 257 , B.A.H.O. (Burundian Arizona Heritage Organization), and UBAHO(United Burundian Refugee Association)  organized a three-day Burundian Independence celebration from July 1st-3rd, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. The goal of the event was to bring together Burundians from all around the United States in a week-end filled with cultural celebration, sportsmanship and networking opportunities.

One of the most significant portions of the event was the Roundtable Discussion that took place on Sunday, July 3, 2016 at Pavillion Church. The keynote speaker was a motivational speaker and Burundi’s own, Wilson Kubwayo.

In 1996, when Kubwayo was just 2 years old, his family sought refuge in a Tanzania’s refugee camp to escape the civil war that was raging in Burundi. Kubwayo called the refugee camp home for 11 years. In his own words, “refugee camp taught me lessons that no man can teach,” Kubwayo shared about his experiences living in extreme poverty.

Ultimately, in 2008, Kubwayo’s family relocated to South Dakota, USA. But adapting to the new life was challenging for the teenager who suffered from what he calls a “Mind Virus.”

“A Mind Virus,” Kubwayo explains, “is a negative way of thinking based on one’s experiences and circumstances that have taken place in his or her life.” In Kubwayo’s various speaking engagements, the 21 years old shares how he got rid of the self-destructive “Mind Virus” and broke the cycle of self-doubt to live his life to the fullest and inspire others.

In addition to being  a full-time inspirational speaker, Kubwayo is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors degree in Philosophy. He is available to speak at events, schools, and corporate gatherings, to share his story, but to also empower and motivate people from all walks of life to “Climb the Walls of Greatness.”

To book Kubwayo for your next event, go to www.wilsonkubwayo.com

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