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10 Uncomfortable Situations for Traditional Burundian Fathers who have daughters

By Miss Pilipili / Published on Friday, 06 Jan 2017 08:30 AM / No Comments / 31610 views

  1. Changing the daughter’s diaper (big taboo for some dads).
  2. Going into the daughter’s room (safer to call out from the doorway).
  3. Seeing daughter wearing a skirt or dress falling above the knee (eyebrows’ frown).
  4. Realizing the daughter is developing women’s curves (look of horror).
  5. Telling the daughter to sit more “lady-like” (dad will send mom to tell her).
  6. Seeing daughter wear make-up for the first time (unrecognizable to dad).
  7. Talking to daughter about boys (usually mom’s duty).
  8. Accepting the daughter’s husband (do they ever accept the son-in-law or just tolerate him?).
  9. Watching the daughter’s pregnant belly (awkward for both…)
  10. Sleeping over at the daughter’s marital home (only if son’s house is not an option).


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