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#Burundi diaspora| 11 Things Burundians living abroad miss about Burundi

By Miss Pilipili / Published on Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017 10:56 AM / No Comments / 1499 views

  1. 1. Umukeke  (how come we can’t find that same exact fish anywhere else in the world?)
  2. 2.Ubuswage (some ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.)
  3. 3.Blue Band margarine (we pronounced it “Bleu Ban” back in the days…)
  4. 4. Amstel Bock (beer drinkers salivate just at the thought…)
  5. 5.Deliciously big avocado on bread (avocados elsewhere just don’t taste the same!)
  6. 6.Dipping bread in your Fanta (sounds a little disgusting now but it used to be a treat)
  7. 7. Going home at lunch time and taking a 2-hour nap (now, you are lucky if you get 30 min for lunch break.)
  8. 8. Kuja kw’ irigara (each neighborhood had one hot spot.)
  9. 9.Bargaining for every single item you are trying to buy (even underwear.)
  10. 10. Dancing at church (with lots of clapping involved)
  11. 11.The TV program “Au-delà du Son” (how excited we were on Saturday afternoons when the show came on! And who can forget  hilarious show host, Guy Karema?)

What are some other things you miss about Burundi?



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