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The Hope-Snatcher

By Miss Pilipili / Published on Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017 08:00 AM / No Comments / 567 views

So much is happening in this world.

So much senseless evil perpetrated.

Bloody children.

Drowned children.

Children with small broken hearts and tearless eyes.

But where to escape?

Doors are closing.  Hope is fading.

“It is a denial of justice not to

Stretch out a helping hand to the fallen

That is the common right of humanity,” said Seneca the Elder.*

And yet, doors are closing. Hope is fading.

Is there anything left when Hope is lost?

After all, hoping is an act of Life.

And living is an act of Hope.

Snatching Hope away is denying Life.

No human being should have the power to deny another the essence of Life.

Dedicated to Alan Kurdi and all the children whose Hope have died.

*(Seneca the Elder, Roman rhetorician and writer)



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