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#Indundi Sports | Hans Michael Weiss, a former Vital’O Manager, signs to coach Mongolian National team [interview]

By Alain Muhirwe / Published on Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017 10:52 AM / /
Hans Michael Weiss

From 18th January, The former Vital’O’s head coach,  the German Michael Weiss has signed to be the new mongolian national coach, since he was not  contracted with another team.

Michael Weiss who coached Burundi Champions ( Vital’o FC) for a period of four months only, has succeeded to pick two cups, in that period but missed the president Cup which was taken by Messager Ngozi.

Follow an interview by Indundi Sports Journalist , Alain Muhirwe, where Michael Weiss discussed about his tasks, goals and more.

Hans Michael Weiss is a professional coach (UEFA Pro) and speaks fluent English, Japanese and French. He has great experiences in coaching and has worked as a coach of the Philippine national football team (FIFA Ranking 122), Rwanda FIFA ranking 93), Japanese national football team of “J League” and Chinese Olympic team.

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