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#Burundi | My Dream Is To Able To Sleep Well [Donate]

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They say no man is an island and it is true. We all need help from one another.

NdefuVision, a nonprofit organization is doing a fundraiser for a Burundian girl in need. Their mission is “making a difference in the youth and widows of Burundi in obvious need.”

Geraldine, is a young girl with a Lipoma that has been bothering her since birth. We all have dreams and goals. But this 18-year-old girl’s dream is unusual: all she ever asks for is to be able to sleep well.
NdefuVision is committed to making a difference in Geraldine’s life because of its actions. Nelson Verite Nitunga, co-founder asks; “Will you join us in this short but purposeful ride to make her dream become a reality?

Hope Ministries, a nonprofit organization in South Dakota is sponsoring Geraldine’s medical surgeries.


Will you help us transform her life so she can sleep like everyone else?

Your contribution will help with transportation and lodging for Geraldine Irankunda. Now residing in the country of Burundi-Africa, her MRI appointment is scheduled on May 19, 2017 in Mwanza, Tanzania. If all successful, her medical surgery will take place on May 22, 2017.

All her medical processes will be sponsored by Hope Ministries, an organization that is based in the state of South Dakota. Their mission is “Shining Christ’s light of HOPE in a broken and hurting world.

Geraldine is 18 years old. She has had this “Lipoma-like” disease since she was born. Unlike others, her dream in life is to be able to sleep well like everyone else.

In 5th grade, she stopped attending school because of seizure, and the hardships that came with her disease.

For 18 years long, Geraldine has been on medication fighting seizure and battling her disease.

Irankunda’s Family


Geraldine was born in the country of Burundi. She has two brothers and one sister and one parent, her mother. She is the second oldest in the family.

This fundraiser is hosted by NdefuVision, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to “Making a difference in the orphans and widows in the country of Burundi.” Learn more at NdefuVision.org

We sincerely ask you to help us create a bright future for Geraldine. In her own words, “I want to be able to sleep well.”

If you would like to walk with us in this journey to the end of Geraldine’s procedure, please visit and contact us at ndefuVision.org

We ask you for your prayers. This is not an easy process. Finally, we hope you can give what you can to help this young girl.

We want to thank you in advance for making a significant difference in Geraldine’s life because of your actions.


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