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Welcome Back to Africa (WBTA)

By admin / Published on Friday, 07 Jul 2017 10:23 AM / No Comments / 1045 views

WBTA is here to create a global network of students who will together, through the sharing of experiences, goals and aspirations, work towards aiding the development of education in Africa.

Welcome Back to Africa (WBTA) is a charity focusing on aiding the development of education in Africa through a global network of students and people, by sharing experiences, expertise, knowledge and skills. WBTA has created a platform for students and people across the world. There are now ambassadors in Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

British Burundian Ives Kabayabaya, CEO and Founder set up the charity to achieve equality for all despite physical borders by improving education and building libraries across East Africa. Having left Burundi in 2003 during the civil war, he fled to Mozambique and moved to London in 2008. He experienced and witnessed injustices through his trips in Eastern and Southern Africa; this strengthened his aspirations to study Law at University. He then set up the first WBTA society at Kingston University in 2012.

This July 2017, WBTA ambassadors across the world will be uniting to participate in four programmes in Burundi, which are Educational Tours, Teach – A – Language programme, Investment Opportunities and Holidays Trips. The Team have also teamed up with local partners, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and charities. As part of their outreach activities WBTA teamed up with Smile for Children to provide academic resources for 100 less fortunate children.

By 2020, WBTA aims to build their first library in Gitega, Burundi, their mission is to help bridge gaps by maintaining positive and fruitful relationships, not only between students but also universities and other teaching institutions across the world. For information about Welcome Back to Africa, please go to www.welcomebacktoafrica.org and to donate to their most recent project: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/smile-for-children-east-africa

. For more Info visit https://welcomebacktoafrica.org/