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Dr. Egolf calls upon burundian diaspora to invest in Burundi

By Julien Barinzigo / Published on Monday, 10 Jul 2017 04:42 AM / /
 Dr. Egolf, US representative delegation, 10th july 2017

Dr. Reuben Egolf is the chairperson of the United States Global Leadership (USGLC) whose mission is to impact Nations through Business Development and Global Leadership by providing sustainable solution through leadership integrity and advanced business strategies.

He represented the US delegation during the first edition Burundi Business and Leadership summit which had been opened by the second Vice President, his Excellence Butore Joseph at  Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika on 10th July 2017.

During the opening remarks, Dr Egolf asserted that Burundi is a beautiful country.”We came to search cooperation opportunities, we have huge vision for Burundi.”

Willy Eloge Kaneza, Voice of America Journalist, asked Dr. Egolf about the intention of the US Government in Burundi.”We came to Burundi with great expectations.I spoke with the U.S Department and the Burundian Ambassador ,” replied Dr Egolf.

Indundi journalist inquired if’ the Burundian diaspora should be called to come invest in Burundi. Dr. Egolf declared: ” Yes, yes those who left need to return but with the western temptations they live in, they cannot come.” He added that there is some who lie about Burundi at the US Department  and  that must change.”This disturb us,” he concluded.

Concerning Burundian youth, he said that in order to achieve the real development, ”They must have hope. Second they have to deal with education.”

Dr Egolf, who is also a pastor and a spiritual leader advised : ” Sometimes we can want to do something and find it easy to say “God told me” or “I feel led” when in reality it is not God but an origination from our own impulses. The problem with that is, when those plans go awry, then God also gets the blame and we exonerate ourselves. I can’t state the importance enough in making sure our plans and aspirations are born out of prayer and his word”.


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