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Burundian farmers can develop like other businessmen, says Mbonankira Charles

By Julien Barinzigo / Published on Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 11:39 AM / /

I invite my  brothers and sisters who shyly engage in the agricultural sector to come and share with me the experience that I have made in many countries about farmers and pastoralists, says Mbonankira Charles, the farmer breeder from  Kayanza province, North East of Burundi.

Charles is concerned by some Burundians who still think that agriculture is a business of men and women without university qualifications.

According to Charles, in other countries, agriculture is a business like any other, moreover, farmers are rich and give employment to those who have graduated from universities,of course they too have qualifications often oriented in other areas that are not agriculture.

At Nyanza hill, Charles has already created jobs for more than 50 local women whose the majority are Batwa and students who have failed their studies. On the heights of the three valleys where he has planted rice, he first uses tractors to facilitate the work of these women.

Charles said it is easy to search for selected seeds. It is especially the so-called Ikijumbu potatoes. He proposes to trust in organizations that have expertise in that area.

Burundians can easily find selected seeds simply by getting started. The problem is that a number of Burundians want to consume without having produced, said the man who believes that he too is inspired by another force. With that, he hired 182 employees and committed himself to inspiring other farmers by first encouraging them to work before asking for support. At Nyanza hill, the Batwa are satisfied with his lessons.

Mr.Mbonankira Charles has a solid experience in seed multiplication for almost 10 years. He is taken for farmer breeder model that he was appreciated by the Burundi President , Pierre Nkurunziza during his visit of the fields in the province of Kayanza. He has just been invited by an American Farmers Association for this January15th, 2018.

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