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#Diaspora | Reunion 257 to launch “A Tribute to Burundian Refugees and Immigrants Fundraiser”

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Reunion 257 presents: Tribute to Burundian Refugees and Immigrants

Come Learn About Who Burundians Are and Their Culture


In 2015, Reunion 257 started as a social and community organization in an effort to bring together Burundians scattered in the diaspora for the purpose of networking, promote Burundi’s culture,  and engage in discussions pertaining to ways we  can better ourselves and contribute to the overall development of Burundi and the various communities we are apart of in the diaspora. Reunion 257 strive to uphold the Republic of Burundis moto, Unity (Ubumwe), Work (Ibikorwa), Progress (Amajambere), in all its entirety.


On March 3rd of 2018, Reunion 257, will be hosting a Tribute to Burundian Refugees and Immigrants event at the Clarkston Community Center. The event will encompass the cultural and socioeconomic nuance perspectives of being a Burundian-American. It will display the Burundian culture through several cultural performances. Moreover, it will showcase the skills, talents, expertise Burundian-Americans possess through personal presentations and speeches. Furthermore, it will speak on what Burundians have gained and contributed to the American society. Last but not least, the event will inspire discussions beyond the traditional politics between Burundians and non-Burundians in the U.S. The event will be open to the public; Burundians, Friends of Burundians, Americans, and all other Non-Burundians are welcomed to the event. You will get to network with Burundians and other passionate individuals who work hard every day to impact the lives of refugees and immigrants in Clarkston and beyond.

Our guest will include the Burundi Drummers of Atlanta. A drumming group based in the city of Clarkston,GA. The group was born in June 2007 by the Burundian community in Atlanta. Since then, they have traveled all across the United States Of America and will even be featured in the upcoming Disney- Marvel movie Black Panther. Additional guests include Dr. Juste Munezero who migrated to the United States at a young age. He did not speak English at the time, but he worked hard to achieve his American Dream of becoming a Doctor at the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

Every dollar that will be raised at the event will help Reunion 257 host its Annual conference that will take place from June 29th to July 1st, 2018. The Conference brings together other Burundian youths to create a network of supports and guidance to help each other integrate into the American Society while staying connected to their Burundian culture.


Since the escalation of the Hutu and Tutsi conflict of 1970s, over 40, 000 Burundians have resettled to the United States as either refugees or legal immigrants (UNHCR). These Burundians are scattered in various states and Georgia is among the several states hosting a large population of them. Those who have found the opportunity to resettle or migrate to the United States are considered privileged among others. However, upon arriving to the United, Burundians encounter great deal of adversities related to cultural differences, language barriers, and sufficient employment and education opportunities. Despite the numerous  hindrances Burundian Refugees and immigrants have had to overcome in both the U.S. and Burundi, they have taken advantage of the resources and opportunities America has offered them to uplift themselves and contribute significantly to the American society. Some of them have went on to earn bachelor and masters degrees, become doctors, become fashion designers, website designer,  leaders in their communities, and many more.

One of the common sentiments that have been risen during the RoundTable Discussion, subset event part of the annual conference, is that there is a  great disconnection/divide between Burundians and their American counterparts. Throughout the various communities Burundians are part of in the U.S., Burundians often feel they are not understood and unheard. Ultimately leaving them with no choice but to deny or downplay their Burundian identity. Thus, this year, Reunion 257, decided to put together a Burundian cultural event in effort to bridge the cultural and social gap between Burundians and their American counterparts as it is of paramount importance for the Burundian and non-Burundians (American) communities in the U.S. to  come together and work on solving the various issues currently facing international communities that ultimately affect everybody in the American society.

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