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#Urwevu| Thoughts for Success| Train your Imagination.

By Indundi Staff / Published on Tuesday, 05 Jun 2018 04:49 AM / /
Napoleon Hill( 1883-1970)

“Creative and synthetic imagination can play off one another in a productive way. Take the story of  Asa  a Candler, who formed the global brand Coca-Cola out of a headache medication about 140 years ago. Although it wasn’t Candler himself who came up wit the coca cola recipe, he bought it from a pharmacist for$3,000-he developed the ingenious plans and marketing strategies that turned the product into a huge success.

if you want to keep your imagination from getting sluggish, you need to challenge and encourage it.And you can achieve that by stimulating it, keeping it active and training it like a muscle:the more frequently you use it, the more productive and powerful it will become”.

NAPOLEON HILL ( Think and Grow Rich)

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