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#Burundi | South Africa introduces her wines to Burundi business community

By Julien Barinzigo / Published on Friday, 15 Jun 2018 05:10 AM / /
Oupa Monareng, the Ambassador of South Africa to Burundi

In the evening of this 14 June, 2018, the South Africa’s Embassy in Burundi presented a variety of wines to Burundi business community namely Hotel managers / Restaurant owners and wholesalers to tighten the commercial ties between the two countries.

The political relations between South Africa and Burundi dated since the independence days and were further tightened in the days of peace talks between Burundian belligerents under the facilitation of the late Nelson Mandela.

In a welcome address to more than 50 participants in the wine tasting event at the Residence of the Ambassador of South Africa to Burundi, Zakhele Mnisi, Counsellor Political at SA Embassy ,   said that the event is a culmination of meetings that the Embassy have had with many top hotels in Bujumbura early this year. “The wine tasting event today will showcase various South Africa wine flavours. However, the Embassy was excited that there are new brands that will soon be imported in Burundi exclusively by one top hotel manager. Those flavours include the House of Mandela and Niel Joubert wines”, he added.

In a statement, the ambassador of South Africa in Burundi, Oupa Monareng, recognized the good relations between the two countries and urged managers present to import South African wines instead of importing wines from Europe or elsewhere which may be more expensive, he invited Burundi business community to taste South African wines as they are quality, easy drinking and affordable.

8 types of wine were presented and tasted.

Some of the 50 participants in the wine tasting event at the Residence of the Ambassador of South Africa to Burundi

South Africa, particularly Cape Town has a wonderful Mediterranean climate and enjoys the intersection of Indian and Atlantic oceans. This offers the wine produced in that region to be exclusive, unique and quality.

Interviewed, Appolinaire Nishirimbere, a young entrepreneur and Pan Africanist who took part in this event appreciated this South African initiative to reinforce friendships among African peoples through business. “This is what we lacked for so long , only trade and fair trade between African countries will develop and make the real independence of  the continent”  , he insisted. “We are happy that the country of Madiba is taking the lead ” , he concluded with a sincere smile.

“Wine makes the heart rejoice”,says the Holy Bible , so did insist the wine specialist in the event.


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