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International, Burundian Singer, composer and master drummer, Jean-Pierre Nimbona, aka Kidum Kibido- is a Nairobi-based artist whose infectious tunes have hooked legions of fans in East Africa and throughout the world.
Kidum is a World African Music Icon and winner of the 2012 African Grammy, The Kora. He is an Ambassador for Peace helping foster hope and reconciliation in East Africa. His secular but spiritual songs range from rocking zouk to acoustic classics, all featuring his vocal prowess.

Kidum, whose nick-name was given to him by his mother and literally means a 20 litre jug, admits he was a very big baby, his musical inspiration started at age 10 when he started to play the drums. When he eventually came to Kenya as a refugee, he went off to Nairobi in search of a living and promptly joined a band as a drummer and singer; it took 4 years before Kidum Kibido eventually started writing his own songs, which was the starting point to sharing his heart and passion with the people. He has never looked back.

Kidum’s first album, Yaramenje (2001), established him as the Voice of Peace in the Great Lakes region in Africa. This followed with the hugely successful Shamba album, released in 2003. The 2006 Ishano album portrays Kidum’s vocal best with the rocking zouk Kichuna. With the 2010 release of Haturudi Nyuma - Kidum is granted The Kora Award (the African Grammy equivalent) for his songs Mapenzi, Nitafanya and Haturudi Nyauma. In 2012, Kidum recorded the popular Hali Na Mali album which includes the successful singles Mulika Mwizi, Kimbia, Enjoy and Hali Na Mali.

Kidum exhibits multiple talents as a composer, vocalist, drummer and arranger par excellence, although his earlier songs were recorded in the Kirundi language - he progressed to singing in Kiswahili where his spiritual and philosophical compositions became accessible to a wider audience. Kidum’s journey to stardom has been inspiring because of his passion, resilience and hard work, overcoming hurdles that could have easily discouraged many.

Such talent and determination now finds the international artist Kidum singing in French, English and Spanish with his current BodaBoda Band, (translated as Crossing Borders) His band performs throughout Africa, Middle East, soon in Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America.

kidum ft juliana - haturudi nyuma (Final Video)

kidum ft jul



Kidum - Mungu Anaweza (Music Video)

Kidum - Mung



Farious et KIDUM EUROPEAN TOUR 2016 Promo

Farious et K

  1. 1-Umbamwo By Esther Nish X Kidum

  2. 2-Pete By Alicios Ft Kidum

  3. 3-Pewa Sifa By Kidum

  4. 4-Kidum - Hali Na Mali

  5. 5-Kidumu - Mungu Anaweza By Kidumu

  6. 6-Kimbia By Kidumu

  7. 7-Mulikiya Mwizi - Kidum

  8. 8-Nosubiye - Kidumu

  9. 9-Sina Chakula - Kidumu

  10. 10-Ubuhamia - Kidumu

  11. 11-Kiangazi - Kidumu

  12. 12-Mushoma - Kidumu

  13. 13-Greedy - Kidumu

  14. 14-Kipenda Roho - Kidumu

  15. 15-Imara - Kidumu

  16. 16-Haturudi Nyuma- Kidumu

  17. 17-Nitafanya - Kidumu

  18. 18-Ubushikira Nganji - Kidumu

  19. 19-Mapenzi - Kidumu

  20. 20-Massamba Ft Kidumu - Wapi Yeye

  21. 21-Kidumu - Haturudi Nyuma

  22. 22-Greedy - Kidum Feat Nameless

  23. 23-Nshaka Ko - Kidumu

  24. 24-Mzingi

  25. 25-Intimba Y'urukundo(kidumu)

  26. 26-Hakizimana

  27. 27-Duzibiganza

  28. 28-Soma Rusose By Kidumu

  29. 29-Kichuna By Kidumu

  30. 30-Ihorere By Kidum

  31. 31-Amosozi Y'urukundo By Kidumu

  32. 32-Amabwire By Kidum

  33. 33-Vuz'iyo Mpundu

  34. 34-Sida

  35. 35-Safari

  36. 36-Saba

  37. 37-Kundana

  38. 38-Kumushaha By Kidumu

  39. 39-Umenikoseya

  40. 40-Subira I Buntu By Kidumu

  41. 41-Mugore Wanje By Kidum

  42. 42-Mbabarira

  43. 43-Karibia Ft

  44. 44-Iwacu By Kidumu

  45. 45-Ishano Original

  46. 46-Intimba Yurukundo By Kidum

  47. 47-Babiri Badatana Mu Ndagano

  48. 48-Amosozi Y'imfyufyu

  49. 49-Nzokujana

  50. 50-Leave Me Alone

  51. 51-Indege Irahinda

  52. 52-Amabwire

  53. 53-Abambuzi

  54. 54-Yaramenje By Kidum

  55. 55-Tuzofata Urugendo By Kidumu

  56. 56-Shamba By Kidum

  57. 57-Ngwino

  58. 58-Kundana By Kidum

  59. 59-Ku Mushaha By Kidum

  60. 60-Kichuna

  61. 61-Indege Irahinda By Kidum

  62. 62-Hakizimana By Kidum

  63. 63-Duza Ibiganza By Kidum

  64. 64-Yaramenje

  65. 65-Subira Ibuntu

  66. 66-Soma Rusose

  67. 67-Shamba

  68. 68-Ubuhamya By Kidumu

  69. 69-Urungedo

  70. 70-Safari By Kidum

  71. 71-Saba By Kidum

  72. 72-Nshaka Ko

  73. 73-Nasafi

  74. 74-Kwetu

  75. 75-Kiriza Urutoke

  76. 76-Ishano

  77. 77-Ingovyi

  78. 78-Abambunzi By Kidum

  79. 79-Massamba Ft Kidumu - Wapi Yeye