Try Prayer Power ! Invite and protect your divine opportunities .

You may be saying today ” i guess there is no power that can save me”. But, i wouldn’t look at it that way . I believe you are wrong in saying there is no power that can save you. Personally, I have found that there is answer to every problem, there is a power that can help you!

You use to see opportunities but at the last time, it has gone! There is a reason. Some dark powers are behind that situation. So , now , through the inspiration that we have got, we want to give you spiritual weapons to deal with those dark  powers.

Before saying this prayer, you should first recite and meditate these 5 psalms. Psalm 02, 62, 80, 63, 19. The prayer we want to give is based on the promise that the Lord Jehovah has sent to his people in captivity and that word is in Exodus 23:20.

” Behold , I sent an Angel for you to keep you in the way and bring you into the place which i have prepared”.

After reciting this scripture, then say this prayer

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for sending your Angel ahead of me, to open the doors of opportunities, the doors of help , the doors of cities and nations and to close all evil doors for premature deaths, accidents and all evil doors, from the beginning of this year till the end”.

Recite this prayer with faith and you will see miracles. The Lord will restore you and your lost opportunities, he will protect your life and family from all sorts of danger, confining diseases such as COVID 19..



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