The role of Journalists in the economic growth of the country

The Burundi economic Journalists Network (REJEBU) organized a workshop for journalists’ awareness in order for them to increase the information in relation to economy.

This associated that was created in June 2018 is registered by the ministerial order 580/18 from October 5, 2021.

In his speech, Salvator Niyonizigiye, legal representative of the association, indicated that information on economic issues deserves more attention as Burundi is still among developing countries. With regard to journalists themselves, it is clear tat their contribution to the country’s development is undeniable, as it is also indicated in the National Plan for Development 2018-2022, he concluded.

However, he expressed his worry about the fact from 2018, published reports do not seem to give a significant place to economic news, the priority being given to politics, security, human rights, etc. It is from this perspective that journalists decided to put efforts together in order to cope with this issue.

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