Young singers must be disciplined if they are to advance in their musical career

Emery Sun indicates that discipline is the cornerstone of a good progress in the musical career and invites young singers not to be satisfied with  the number of views and hits, and lack respect towards journalists and media.

In an interview with Isaac TV, he said: “We, the elders, have understood the importance of journalists and radio stations in the publicity and popularity of our productions. We respect them because we know their value. These young singers are still turbulent”.

According to him, artists cannot advance in their career if there is no help from the media. Even if you are famous and popular, you risk falling if the media are not involved, he added.

During this interview, Emery Sun affirms that he knows singers who are no longer in good terms with journalists, misunderstanding due to the fact that these singers do not respect the instructions agreed with the media.The majority of young singers come up against this problem and their activities do not evolve.

Remember that Emery recently produced a new song entitled Indyarya, which has already recorded more than 60000 views in two months. He also collaborated with Pablo Tiken in the production of another song which also very successful.

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