Two Burundian referees penalized for corruption

The Burundi football federation is preparing two suspend two referees and the former president of Crocos de Rumonge for corruption reasons. The two referees concerned are Eric Manirakiza and Jean Claude Manirakiza as well as the former president of Crocos, Innocent Nimenya nicknamed Musumari.

The punishment may extend to 10 years of suspension without any official activity related to football. A fine amounting to one million Burundian francs has been imposed on each and must be paid within 30 days. The investigations carried out by the disciplinary commission within the Burundi Federation of Football that these three “sportsmen” were involved in a case of corruption with regard to the match that opposed the Crocos with Rukinzo Fc.

Among the reasons of their suspension, there is a clandestine meeting between the two referees without the knowledge of their collegue Sylvestre Bampanze who was among the referees of this match.

Arrived at the stadium, Sylvestre was welcomed by one of the workers from the Ivyizigiro stadium in Rumoge, who asked him whether he received any message from the president of Crocos. He replied that he knew nothing and the worker revealed to him that they had received 500 thousand Burundian francs from the chief of the Crocos.

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