B-Face reveals the obstacles he has already overcome

Before Girukwishaka Boniface became B-Face, it was not easy as he had to overcome many obstacles. Personal care is one of these barriers. 

In an interview with Kaboss for real, the singer indicated that he encountered a lot of difficulties before gaining popularity under the name of B-Face. In this interview, B-Face said: “Before becoming B-Face, I had to take care of myself for housing and school fees while I had a family”.

The singer has a proven experience in the art of music. He would be from the generation of Yoya and Mkombozi, but the time he earns bread from music would be less than those others.

Boniface has become famous, new musicians and those who return to the scene after absence seek his assistance to integrate into the life of a singer. B-Face can now produce many songs a year, which is not always easy.

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