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Collection of communal revenues: Muyinga province has a deficit of 140 million FBu.

Some communes in Gitega, Kayanza, Muyinga and Kirundo provinces have a shortfall in the collection of municipal revenues. The province that comes first is Muyinga.

It recorded a total deficit of 140 million burundian francs. The Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security warns the administrators of these municipalities.

Some municipalities have a shortfall in the collection of municipal revenues if we compare the municipal revenues collected in January and February 2021 with those of the same period in 2022, says Annonciatte Mfukamensabe, director of the department of communal finances in a meeting to evaluate the performance of provincial governors and municipal administrators that took place on Friday, March 18, 2022.

According to her, the Muruta commune in the province of Kayanza has a shortfall of more than 16 million burundian francs. In Kirundo province, Busoni commune has a deficit of more than 1 million FBu, Bwambarangwe more than 9 million Fbu, Kirundo more than 8 million and Vumbi more than 5million.

In total, the entire province of Kirundo has a deficit of more than 16 million, as the other municipalities in kirundo have recorded surpluses.

In the province of Muyinga, buhinyuza commune has a deficit of more than 2 million FBu, Butihinda more than 25 million and Gashoho more than 124 million. The other municipalities recorded a positive result. And, in total, Muyinga province has a deficit of 140 million.

The director of communal finances also indicated that the municipalities Itaba, Makebuko, Nyarusange, Bugendana and Buraza of Gitega province show unsatisfactory results in the collection of communal revenues.

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