Some maintenance work on 9 national roads entrusted to local development cooperatives

As part of the implementation of its national roads network maintenance programme, the road agency of Burundi entrusts certain activities to local development cooperatives. The contract relating to these activities was signed between the two parties this Tuesday, March 29, 2022 in Maire de Bujumbura, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructure, equipment and housing. In this contract, the road agency undertakes:

  • To pay the cost of the works which amounts to one hundred thousand Burundian francs excluding value added tax per kilometer and per month. After the first 5 months from the date of entry into force of this contract, the road agency will provide the cooperative with a new kit of equipment consisting of:
  1. Wheelbarrows
  2. Shovels with handles
  3. Hoes with handles
  4. Machete
  5. Vests
  6. Plastic boots and gloves

The qualities will depend the work entrusted to cooperatives

  • To make a monthly visit. The date of this visit will be communicated at least 8 before to the cooperative. This visit, which is part of the validation of the work and the evaluation of the condition of the kit, will take place in the presence of the executive committee. It will also be subject to joint signature of the attachment form between the two parties. The contracting authority must indicate the place where the products from cleaning, clearing, removal of landslides and alluvium will be deposited.

 As for the cooperatives, their obligation relates to:

  • Cleaning of ditches and stockpiling of cleaning products, cleaning of culverts and bridges.
  • Clearing of berms, embarkments and stockpiling of clearing products
  • Removal of landslides and alluvium less than 10 cubic meters per pile. 
  • Get a material kit for carrying out the work in the first five months. The cooperative is responsible for the services of its members. The execution of the work is joint and the members of the cooperative must not evade the tasks entrusted to them by their president. The president or his delegate must take part in the visits organized by the contracting authority.
  • The cooperative is required to complete the performance of the services covered by the contract
  • Ensure that the right of the way is respected. The members of the cooperative must carry out any other useful task to guarantee the movements of goods and people on the section of the road covered by this contract without, however, expecting any additional payment.

For 2021-2022, the execution time is 5 months from February. It is renewable for 12 months each year if the budget allows, otherwise, the road agency must inform the cooperative two months before the end of the contract. Benefits are paid monthly upon presentation of supporting documents. The money is to be transferred to a bank account. In the event of a prolonged absence or negligence in maintenance noted by the project owner, the latter may terminate the contract after formal notice whose duration will not exceed 60 days.

Once the contract is terminated, another development cooperative is recruited following the initial procedure. 

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