Seventeen bills scheduled for analysis and adoption in the session of April 2022.

The president of the Burundian senate, M. Emmanuel Sinzohagera, announced that the institution under his responsibility will proceed, during the ordinary session of April 2022, with the analysis and adoption of 17 bills sent to him by the government of Burundi.

The same session is devoted to the vote of the general budget of the state for the financial year 2022-2023, he added, before asking all those who are responsible for collecting the general revenues of the state and those who manage them, to work hard in promoting the socio economic development of the country.

M. Sinzohagera hinted at these remarks on April 1, 2022, in his opening speech of the ordinary parliamentary session of April 2022. Speaking about the parliamentary holidays the elected members of the upper house of the parliament had just ended, he indicated that these vacations offered an opportunity to join the population in their daily works.

Moreover, the president of the senate welcomed the measure taken by the President of the Republic by wich he recommended that the dividends of parastatal companies sould have the same account number at the central bank of Burundi for better management of State assets.

The ceremonies, which took place in the hemicycle of the senate of Gitega, saw the participation of senators, senior executives of the country working in the political capital as well as ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic and consular missions accredited to Burundi.

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