For BiG Fizzo and his manager, no emotions in professional life.

When at work, affective passions have no place for Big Fizzo and his manager, Edith Stein. The latter, also Big Fizzo’s wife, and his husband, do not mix music with their family life, as indicated by Big Fizzo himself during an interview with Isanamu Media.

“When it is a matter of professional life, I do it as suggested by my manager”, Confided Fizzo. Asked about how they deal with family issues whey they occur, whether on stage or at home, the artist said that conflict is inevitable, but they sort it out when they finish their work. About dancing with ladies, Big Fizzo says his wife is aware that it is professional and he, himself, does not intend to betray his partner as it would be shame upon him.

Edith Stein and Big Fizzo knew each other long ago, the possibility being that they met in a concert organized by DJ Paulin in Belgium.

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