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The IOM set to continue their collaboration with the burundian Diaspora

This Thursday, April 7, 2022, the International Organization for Migration hosted a press conference whose objective was to present the IOM, answer various questions from journalists see how to work better with medias.

As a mission, IOM supports migration worldwide and serves as a source of advice on migration policies and practices. In the case of Burundi, the activities of IOM cover the entire territory of the country, in close collaboration with the government and the various organisations operating in the field of migration or displaced persons.

However, their work faces different challenges including the deterioration of the economic situation, natural disasters which multiply internal dispacements as well as the covid-19 pandemic.

According to IOM Statistics, Burundi is one of the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change. To carry out its interventions in 2022, IOM Burundi needs $ 55 millions to serve 800000 targeted people.

One of the relevant questions asked by journalists refers to the diaspora. On this point, IOM Burundi says they are ready to continue their collaboration with the Burundian diaspora to promote the rights of migrants and reduce the risks associated with migration.

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