NGOs must contribute in the collection of revenues

Burundi Revenue Authority organizes a meeting of representatives of NGOs based in Bujumbura aiming at sensitization for the respect of tax laws and procedures.

In a press briefing hosted by the Burundi Revenue Authority on Thursday, April 14, 2022,  BRA indicated that this category of taxpayers, that is NGOs, is among the taxpayers targeted by the BRA as key partners in the collection of revenues.

The objective is to exchange on the respect of the laws related to the tax and customs procedures because it is observed that mistakes are sometimes committed by ignorance, lack of knowledge of the law, or even by simple attempt to evade the law. It is therefore necessary to be at the same level of awareness with regard to the requirements of the law governing NGOs in Burundi so that they can contribute to the improvement of tax revenues.

Among the errors observed, some NGOs do not know the procedures for applying for exemptions or the documents that the Burundi Revenue Authority requires in order to fully enjoy the benefits of the tax system.

Some do not know how to declare the tax on employment income for their employees. Some deficiencies can also be observed in the area of customs, related to the management of the end of projects or closure of activities. Some people buy vehicles and keep the temporary registration plates while the NGOs should require the respect of the declaration of use before the removal of these vehicles. In the case of the rental tax, some NGOs do not help lessors to declare the real rental fees.

These are the kind of mistakes that the Burundi Revenue Authority would like to see corrected but also to raise awareness on the related sanctions in case of transgression.

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