Flambeau de l’Est Football Club already sold? 

Claude NKUNZIMANA, the president of Flambeau de l’Est team in Ruyigi, denies having initiated the sale procedures of this soccer club.

A few days ago, Indundi Magazine shared with you the information that Flambeau de l’Est was sold and bought by the former boss of Vital’o, Djamal Seif. The next day, Claude Nkunzimana denied this information. Claude explained that they agreed to collaborate in the management and organization of the team but did not accept to have sold the club.

Regarding the accusation that he left without informing the team, Claude stressed that he informed some members because he was planning a short stay elsewhere. That is why he was angry with Djamal Seil who immediately tried to usurp the presidency of the team.

On the question of the 25 millions received by Claude from DJamal, Nkunzimana insists that this sum was for the merger of the two teams and not for the sale of Flambeau. Claude nkunzimana finally reassured the fans and players that any possible changes in the team will be well communicated to all stakeholders.

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