Strict measures are announced within the police

On Wednesday 27 April 2022, police officers recently appointed to different posts participated in a meeting organized for them by the Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security. During this meeting, Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca called for a change of mentality and behavior in the public services. He mentioned corruption and other forms of malpractice as a source of instability and therefore, to be seriously fought.

Referring to the case of theft committed on Wednesday morning by men in police uniforms who stole a sum of about 200 million, he explained that this tarnishes the reputation of the police. The minister also announced the imminent decision to reduce or take away all police escorts from people whose security is not in danger. A police officer is not a night watchman or a gatekeeper. He must return to the camp, at the risk of losing his status as a police officer if he spends more than a year outside the camp.

In this meeting which saw the participation of all the executives recently appointed by the President of the Republic within the police, Minister Ndirakobuca raised the issue of good fuel management. Another point of concern is the fact that some officers do not inform their superiors in difficult or doubtful situations. He invited them to collaborate and enter into positive competition, which aims at complementarity.

Another point he insisted on concerned the Judicial Police. He explained that any case handled by the Judicial Police must be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, indicating that the police have no right to close cases. It is up to the prosecution service.

Finally, Minister Gervais asked that the rubbish or remains of the houses that appear after the destruction of anarchic constructions be removed, so that these places are clean. He did not fail to reiterate the positive cases of Covid-19 which are increasing in recent days in some provinces. He encouraged the authorities and the population to redouble their efforts to respect the barrier measures.

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