AMEBE’s initiatives welcomed by beneficiaries.

The Association of Mentors for Business and Entrepreneurship (AMEBE) is proving to be a dynamic player in the fight against poverty. This is achieved through various projects, including the FIGEBAVPER project (Fighting Gender Based Violence and Pandemics Through Economic Resilience), funded by the US Embassy in Burundi. This project was designed to help victims of gender-based violence and pandemics to combat them through economic resilience. 

As part of this project, AMEBE conducted training activities for beneficiaries on community leadership last week. AMEBE staff took the opportunity to see the progress of the IGAs created by these beneficiaries. After that, some watering materials and seeds were given to facilitate the task of the beneficiaries and help them increase productivity. Watering cans, seeds of peppers, white onions, leeks, aubergines and amaranths were distributed in the communes of Cankuzo, cendajuru and kigamba in Cankuzo province.

The local administration and the beneficiaries welcomed the initiative of AMEBE in partnership with the United States Embassy in Burundi to support them materially and morally. They said that with this donation, productivity will be increased. “Being financially autonomous, it will be easy for us to fight against GBV,” the beneficiaries reaffirmed.

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