New measures to eradicate cross-border banditry between Burundi and Tanzania

The authorities of Ruyigi province and those of Kibondo district in Kigoma province of the neighbouring United Republic of Tanzania are committed to eradicating cross-border banditry once and for all and are calling on the population to provide timely information to better ensure their security. 

This is the outcome of a two-day visit by Governor Emerencienne Tabu of Ruyigi province to the Kibondo district of Tanzania, with the aim of strengthening good neighbourly relations. Traders and businessmen operating in the two regions are expected to exchange goods, experiences and knowledge in order to better contribute to the development of the two regions.

The agenda of this visit was mainly articulated in three points, namely security, education and commercial exchanges between these two border regions. The Governor of Ruyigi Province, Ms Emérecienne, said that security between the two regions is good in general, but that there are still some bandit groups operating in the area. She said that since December 2020 until April 7 of this year, 10 motorbikes and 6 cows stolen in Tanzania were seized in Burundi and that the Burundian police in collaboration with the local administration has finally handed over all the loot to the Tanzanian authorities. She also pleaded for both countries to move to another stage in preventing any potential danger and threat to the peace of their respective populations. She asked that all the nuclei and nests of these thugs be identified and catalogued so that they can be permanently uprooted and destroyed. 

On behalf of the Tanzanian population, the district chief of Kibondo, Mr. Adrey John Mugwiza expressed his gratitude to the Burundian delegation and for all the efforts made by the authorities of the Ruyigi province to guarantee security in particular and good neighbourliness in general.  He promised that his district will spare nothing so that peace and quietness can always be a reality and that any likely source of insecurity be discouraged and neutralised.

Concerning cross-border trade in particular and the development of the two countries in general, the two authorities asked the businessmen of Ruyigi and Kibondo to better plan their collaboration and also improve their exchange of goods, knowledge and experience. It was especially recommended that they abandon the bad practice, which, it was said, consists, on both sides, of buying goods on credit and disappearing into thin air, when they find that they are no longer able to pay the debts they have contracted.

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