Big Fizzo and Bruce Melodie back in the studio soon

Big Fizzo and Bruce Melodie, who is currently touring Europe, are planning a lot of activities. In an interview with Isanamu media, through its branch operating on the European continent, Melodie said that he has been talking with Mugani Desire, and that they plan to meet soon.

The journalists wanted to know what these two singers would be preparing together. Let’s remember that Burce Melodie, in his trip, was accompanied by Madebeat, one of the most famous producers of Kigali and who is part of the Label that follows closely the activities of Bruce Melodie. If they produce a song together, it will allow Melodie to fulfill the requirements of Collabo in East Africa, as Bruce has already collaborated with almost all East African singers.

Remember that some fans complain that Big Fizzo doesn’t do enough collabo with other singers in the region.

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