Sixty million granted to Flambeau du Centre.

The president of the team Flambeau du Centre of Gitega has granted 60 millions to the players and staff of the team. The first installment of 30 millions is the motivation and reward for winning the Primus League, the Burundian football championship, for the very first time. The second tranche of 30 millions will be granted by the Burundi Football Federation in the same perspective of Burundi Champions this year.

This was announced on Saturday 21 May 2022 in Gitega, during the meeting of the president of the team with the players and staff members. He sent them a message of thanks and encouragement for winning the championship. He urged them to work hard to also win the President’s Cup.

At the same occasion, the businessman promised the players to organize friendly matches with teams from the region such as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

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