The Burundian Diaspora, a key actor of development

Thacien Nduwimana, president of the Burundian diaspora in Australia, says that the Burundian diaspora has a leading role to play in the development of Burundi.

In an interview with Jules Mukerarugendo of Radio Nderagakura, Thacien said that Burundians residing in Australia contribute significantly to the development of the country especially through various projects and investments. According to him, quite a lot of money is coming back to the country from the Burundian diaspora in Australia. Concretely, he mentioned the cooperatives they support to help their compatriots to plan the work and manage time well in order to increase production, in this case the cooperative Codeco Burundi which he is among the co-founders.

Technician in agricultural matters, he helps the cooperatives that have invested in agriculture, not only in terms of agricultural technics but also in terms of financial means. This Burundian living in Australia explains that cooperatives are at the origin of the development of many countries, for example by the pooling of capital and the common exploitation of land, which increases yield.

As a future perspective, these members of the diaspora foresee the importation of agricultural machinery, specifying that it remains to identify the land specifically appropriate for this type of project. As challenges, this technician explains that they face the problem of manure to use, because it must be consistent with the nature of the soil to exploit.

He invites his compatriots in the diaspora to invest more in the country because it can reduce unemployment and support the state in the realization of its development projects.

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