Education : A year before joining the University ? We must end it!

During an extraordinary meeting of the Minister having education in his attributions with all stakeholders of education in Burundi held this Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the duration of waiting before being admitted to the University of Burundi was one of the issues discussed.

According to Minister François Havyarimana, this duration must be shortened because it is so long and the government will take measures to this effect.

Other relevant issues in the education sector include capacity building for teachers, reviewing curricula and adapting them to the needs of the professional market, providing equipment to schools, reviewing and “rehabilitating” the scientific research sector, etc.

Recall that a meeting of this magnitude was held in 2014 and the clauses of that meeting have been implemented, even if not in full, reiterated the Minister François Havyarimana.

He assured that the recommendations of this meeting will be taken into consideration and will contribute significantly to the revitalization of the education sector.

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