Russia’s aid to Burundi, a token of recognition ?

In a press conference held by the Russian ambassador to Burundi on Monday, June 13, 2022, the diplomat said that the process of delivering aid to Burundi is going well. This support promised by Russia is composed of fuel, medicines and fertilizers.

The ambassador did not specify the quantities of each of these products expected in Burundi but he said that the content corresponds to the needs expressed by the recipient country. In addition, he said that the technicians of both sides at the level of quality of medicines are working together to ensure the quality of these products on arrival in Burundi. In addition, a center for analysis and medical quality assurance could be established in Burundi to address the risks associated with the long journey of these products.

Some diplomatic analysts think that these Burundi-Russia relations could slow down the good relations between Burundi and the European Union which has taken severe sanctions against Russia. At the same time, they admit that each country has the right to choose its diplomatic partner taking into account the common interests of both countries. Let’s recall that last April Burundi expressed its support for Russia’s membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council. It is from this point that some see in this aid a sign of recognition for the support of Burundi.

When asked about the issue of Burundian students who lost their lives in Russia, the Russian Ambassador to Burundi sympathized with the families of the missing but said that Russia as a country is not responsible for these events. According to him, the investigations proved that most of these deaths were related to the transgression of the law as the frequentation of forbidden places of swimming, night outings at late hours or excessive consumption of some alcoholic products. He explained that the country has taken strategies to secure these areas, but he reiterated that everyone is personally responsible for their own safety and health.

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