The 11 challenges facing the education sector in Burundi

On the second day of the extraordinary meeting of all stakeholders in the educational sector in Burundi, the minister François Havyarimana, who has education in his atributions, exposed 11 issues that he considers as main challenges in Education for now. These are :

1. The increasing number of students which leads to reduction of quality in the delivery of knowledge,

2. Technics of lesson planning at all levels of learning,

3. Curricula that are not adapted to the needs of the professional market,

4. The problem of capacity reinforcement for teachers,

5. The issue of the supervision of students for proper conduct,

6. Insufficient classrooms, teaching material and libraries,

7. The technical education not yet developped,

8. The appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies as means of teaching,

9. The way educational sector is financed,

10. The support of scientific activities and research,

11. The issue of unemployment after school.

Remember that the general theme of this meeting is : « Quality education as a springboard for a better future in Burundi »

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