Special permission granted to Muslims to slaughter cattle and goats is subject to strict conditions against Rift Valley Fever

In a press conference hosted by the General Director of Livestock, the question of the special dispensation granted to the Muslim community to slaughter cattle and goats for the celebration of Aid Al-Kebir was answered. The permission comes at a time when Rift Valley Fever continues to occur in various provinces of the country.

Nkurunziza Serges, explained that the Muslim community has been pleading for this special permission, which has been granted subject to some conditions :

1. The collection of cattle, sheep and goats for slaughter started on 1 July and will end on 8 July 2022.

2. Slaughter activities will take place from 9 to 12 July 2022

3. Purchases will be made by COMIBU representatives at the provincial level in collaboration with provincial authorities throughout the country.

4. Animals purchased will be marked with signs to avoid confusion

5. Animals will be screened before slaughter or after slaughter, which will be done only by veterinary experts from the parent ministry and the preparation of the meat will be done in the families of Muslims.

6. All animals shall be slaughtered in known slaughter houses or slaughterhouses authorised by the competent authorities

7. The remains (blood, skin, etc.) shall be immediately buried and the slaughtering places shall be immediately disinfected with the products available for this purpose.

8. Animals showing symptoms of any disease shall not be slaughtered and shall be returned to the owner for treatment.

The Ministry of Agriculture has taken this opportunity to recommend that security officers and representatives of the Muslim community ensure strict compliance with these conditions and measures.

In addition, the collection of the necessary means to face this epidemic continues with different developments partners who contribute significantly to the collection of resources. These include IFAD, which has already donated USD 1,800,000, USD 500,000 from FAO, USD 100,000 from the WFP and a further 500,000 FBU promised by Food for the Hungry (FH). The first vaccines are expected to arrive in early August.

In addition, the Ministry recalls that milk from a healthy and well-cooked animal can be consumed without any risk of contamination of the fever. The Ministry promises to spare no effort to eradicate this pandemic.

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