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A member of the diaspora is doing wonders in Muramvya

This Tuesday, July 19, 2022, NIRAGIRA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (NCDP) held a press briefing to present its achievements and thank key partners. NCDP was initiated by Nahimana ALPHONSE from Masango hill in Muramvya commune. He is a Burundian from the Diaspora.

One day, while visiting his native commune, he asked himself why the food supply in his region was decreasing. He sat down and thought about the strategies to adopt to support the development of his community in different sectors. This is how NCDP was born to respond to the concerns of Nahimana Alphonse who had just vowed to end hunger in this region. This was in May 2018. He then undertook several projects of adults and youth in the sectors of agriculture, livestock, youth and education.


Education: NCDP collaborates with Kazoza Care for Children KCC who supervise young children for the promotion of quality education (10 children already supervised and schooled) 

Agriculture: NCDP Divided its members into different groups, more than 300 members, with 70% women.

Members receive capital for agriculture and livestock and remit the capital with 20% of interest to allow others to benefit from this support. 

Members have been trained in modern agriculture and livestock with environmental protection at the center of NCDP’s agricultural policy.

NCDP has solicited land for the multiplication of selected seeds.

The members help each other with savings and credits in the groups supervised by NCDP

They have learned how to produce natural manure from local elements without using chemical fertilizers

They have learned to produce biopesticides that are not harmful to human health.

Technology: There will be created an application on smartphones, known as NCDP express, which will serve to locate the different restaurants affiliated with NCDP food supply services in the area. You will be able to order food and you will be served as soon as possible. 

In their vision, this application will extend to foreigners or tourists who will be able to make hotel and restaurant reservations before landing in Burundi. They will collaborate with Indundi magazine, their usual partner in promoting of their activities. 

Youth: Karakura YOUTH: After the elaboration of the legal framework and the plan of activities, Karakura youth has already initiated the production of mushrooms with related trainings already planned in order to increase the production.

They have already prepared the pigsty to receive the pigs that will be granted by NCDP.

They are planning to modernize the banana cultivation, as they have started to produce biopesticides. Moreover, they intend to present this project of biopesticides to Paeej to achieve their objectives. 

Future prospects:

-To look for partners in different sectors of intervention,

-Build a house that will serve as a library and conference room,

-Improve the agricultural production and look for markets for their products.

The press briefing ended with the awarding of a certificate to Indundi Magazine, which has accompanied NCDP in the awareness campaign for investment and contribution to development in general in Burundi.

The certificate was received by the Director of Indundi, who did not fail to thank NCDP for its contribution to the development of Burundi. He also reiterated the commitment of Indundi Magazine in promoting activities, culture and art for the development of Burundians.

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