The administrative reform, springboard for sustainable development in Burundi

This Thursday, July 21, 2022, was held at the National School of Administration (ENA) a seminar organized by ENA in collaboration with the French Embassy in Burundi through the ADF group of Expertise France, as part of the project to support good economic and financial governance (PAGEF).

Under the theme of “Reforming public functions and training institutions for civil servants”, the seminar was attended by senior officials from different ministries, representatives of different administrative bodies of the State, teacher-trainers from ENA and other guests.

In his welcoming speech, Dr. Dionise ARAKAZA, Director General of ENA, recalled that this institution aims to be a reference center for capacity building of civil servants as well as for research and innovation in public administration. The representative of the French Ambassador to Burundi, recalled the different axes of intervention of the PAGEF and reiterated the commitment of France to collaborate with the government of Burundi in its efforts to reform and modernize public institutions of the country.

In his speech, the Assistant to the Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment stressed the importance of the transformation of public institutions as one of the key factors to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

In one of the presentations of the day, Honorable Charles Berahino elaborated on the state of play of the administrative reforminitiated through the National Program of Administrative Reform adopted in 2012. The NARP’s vision is to establish “a qualified, efficient and responsible public administration, oriented towards the general interest and service to the citizen“. This Ministry executive concluded his presentation by indicating that, despite the challenges and difficulties encountered, there are undeniable signs that the expected results will be achieved.

The second presentation, animated by Prof. Fulgence NAHAYO, Director in charge of programs, continuing education and expertise at ENA, focused on the building sites of ENA, i.e. the achievements and opportunities of the institution. With tangible facts and concrete examples, this expert showed that the National School of Administration is on the right path in the accomplishment of the missions assigned to it by the government.

The seminar ended with a question and answer session to deepen the reflections.

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