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The Burundian Diaspora Women’s Commission implement some of their projects

This Thursday 28 july, 2022, the Burundian Diaspora Women’s Commission has discharged 50 women who were being held in different hospitals in Bujumbura. The hospitals involved include King Khaled Hospital, Military Hospital, Prince Regent Charles and Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic.

According to Itangishaka Auriane, president of the women’s commission in the diaspora, they were hoping to free 70 women but 13 million was collected which could only get 50 of these women out. They continue to search and are hopeful that they will find other ways to continue this good initiative.

For those who are worried about the particularityof this work which seems to concern only women, Auriane explained that this is only the beginning and it seemed good to them to start women and girls to join their families, given the indispensable role they play in the life of familiesAs the project matures and resources and donations increase, they will be able to help the men and children as well.

According to the officials of CEMABU, a center for the expression and the rights of the sick, the slowness in the delivery of certificates of indigence and hospitalization certificates are among the obstacles that indigent patients encounter and remain detained in hospitals even after recovery.

Mr. Sylvain HABANABAKIZE, in charge of communication within the Burundian Framework for the Expression of the Sick (CEMABU) asks the government to put in place a clear policy that facilitates the indigent patients to receive the supporting documents to enjoy their rights.

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