Meili : Foreign fans can increase a singer’s visibility

Merveille, known as Meili in Burundian music is a top fan of  Ykee Benda, a famous Ugandan singer who is also known as a real admirer of Meily’s artistic works. This is what Meili pubished through her Instagram account before sharing a video which displays the Ugandan artist dancing Meili’s new song.

This video was followed by many significant comments and Meili indicated that “they will be convinced when they see a foreigner supporting her more than a compatriot”. Most of the commentators encouraged her to be strong and go forward. Others believe that there may be something rooming behind the scenes between Meili and Benda.

All this comes while there are two songs that Meili is yet to release, with one of them in collaboration with an artist yet to be announced

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