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Mkombozi soon in Bubanza for his tour of the country

Mkombozi is a Burundian singer known for his songs in the Rap genre. In an interview with Indundi TV, the musician indicated that he intends to visit his fans even in the countryside for them to enjoy his music in presence and share the joy with him in different concerts.

He started with Makamba, his native province, then he visited Cibitoke before reaching Bujumbura, namely at Nyabugete Beach. It is now the turn of Bubanza where he will entertain Cibitoke people in general and his fans in particular, in a concert due to take place on August 12, 2022 at the headquaters Croix Rouge in Bubanza.

In his plans, all the provinces will be visited and he will be announcing each province’s turn in due course. All he needs from fans is the massive support because he believes that much support from fans can lead to partnerships with donors, which in turn contributes to the musician’s progress.

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