KCB Burundi celebrates 10 years of presence in Burundi

This Tuesday, August 9, 2022, the Burundi Automobile Club, in collaboration with the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) organized a press conference to inform the public of the organization of the Rally to be held in Gitega from August 13 to 14, 2022. As announced by the Deputy General Manager of KCB, Mr. GATAVU Leonidas, this event corresponds to the celebration of the 10 years anniversary of the presence of KCB in Burundi, which opened its doors in May 2012 after approval by the Bank of the Republic of Burundi. As this bank is concerned with the development of the East African Community, it intends to establish a branch in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the latter has been admitted to this community.

In its achievements, KCB has concluded partnerships with various agents including the Burundi Automobile Club. Note that this bank has provincial branches in Gitega and Ngozi. KCB is not only concerned with trade but also with the development of the population. It is in this perspective that KCB has committed itself to sponsor the Gitega Rally competition.

As for the President of the Burundi Automobile Club, Mr. NIVYUKURI Prosper, he thanked KCB for contributing to the recovery of the club and they are able to organize 3 to 4 competitions per year. Moreover, he said that Burundi is a candidate for the organization of the Rally at the African level, which testifies to the progress made by the Automobile Club. He explained that the Rally will start on August 12, 2022 with the technical control of the cars and the administrative verification of the health and documents of the drivers. For the August 13 and 14 competition, 6 special stages with 14 crews are planned, depending on the number of drivers who have registered.

The Secretary of the CAB appealed to the women to be interested in the Rally, since there is a woman that has just spent 3 years as a co-driver. He then reminded that the measures taken by the government to protect itself against Covid-19 should be strictly observed.

The last speaker, Mr. Thierry Nzohabonayo who is the treasurer of the CAB made it known that the organization of such a competition requires a lot of means, thanking again the KCB which has supported them since the 1st edition of the competition. The next edition will see the participation of Kenyan technicians for the smooth running of the event.

To close, he said that observers from Africa will visit Burundi soon, as part of its bid to host the Rally at the African level.

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