Education : 100 millions US dollars planned to provide solar energy to more than 535 schools

Juma Edouard who explained the project “Soleil Nyakiriza” supported by the ministry having energy in its attributions, indicates that more than 400 basic schools having school canteens will be equipped with new stoves which can reduce the energy to more than 35% and will be equipped in solar energy. In addition, more than 135 basic schools and surrounding households will also benefit from solar energy.

In addition to these mini grids, residents far from the solar panels will be trained in other techniques of using solar energy without wires. Juma Edouard promised the Communal Directors of Education in Kirundo province that 40 students will be given scholarships to study solar energy abroad to facilitate the follow-up of this project.

This project, funded by the World Bank, will install more than 45 mini-grids throughout the country, which will cost 100 million US dollars. An electrical power of 37 megawatts is expected from this project.

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