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Dj IRA, the favourite candidate to win the DJ’s Battles competition

Some days ago, Indundi Magazine shared the information that the Burundian talent currently working in Kigali, was to receive Kizzi Daniel for his concert in Kigali. This time, she is among the favourite candidates in the DJ’s Battles competition in Rwanda.

Iradukunda Grace Divine, professionally known as DJ IRA, is currently competing with other DJs and she is well-placed so far. According to Rwandan newspapers and the Instagram account of the organizers, DJ IRA is currently third with 601 points but the first two are men, which gives her the first place on women’s side.

Although the competition began with 3 ladies, there are only two remaining, namely DJ IRA and DJ Roxy while men are still 10. The competition is now at its semifinal stage. Note that DJ IRA is one the most appreciated DJs in Kigali.

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