King of Hip Hop, a disputed spot

As the number of names claiming to be masters of Hip Hop increases, Fabelove indicates that he has proofs for his undeniable place in hip hop. During the OpenMic broadcast, he explained that he has many hip hop “students” who, in return, can compete with and challenge his antagonists. He gives the example of 2015 when his students got an award after he challenged B Face, one of the claimers.

Fabelove argues that, in addition to these talents, he has enough knowledge and competence to assert himself as king of hip hop. With regard to mentioning other musicians’ names in his song, Fabelove says it is a simple matter and “normal” because everyone does it in hip hop.

This happens after B Face recently condemned such behavior, inviting his fellow singers to stop complaining on social media and go to studio and produce tangible works.

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