Protecting dogs against rabies means protecting the population

In Kirundo province, the population of Busoni, Vumbi and Bwambarangwe welcomes the free vaccination campaign of dogs against rabies.

ABUMVAC, the association of veterinarians specializing in pets, organized a dog vaccination campaign as part of the celebration of the international day against rabies. The owners of these animals, mostly hunters, took the lead in this campaign.

The launching activities took place in Kirundo on September 20, 2022. The owners of the animals benefiting from this vaccination revealed to Indundi TV that it is an initiative that comes at the right time because they do not have the means to pay the vaccination fees if it was not free. They affirm that the pets are useful in their daily life for guarding, searching for meat, physical exercises, etc.

Dr. Jean Claude Manimbona who spoke on behalf of these veterinary specialists, thanked Action for Protection of animals Africa and Mission Rabies, the two associations that supported this campaign. He did not fail to express his gratitude to the government of Burundi which, through the local authorities, facilitated this activity, to protect the population, given that the infected person has little chance of recovery.

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