The spokespersons of the institutions animated a public broadcast in Kayanza

This Friday, September 30, 2022, was held in Kayanza, a public broadcast of the spokespersons of the institutions, a quarterly program hosted under the instruction of the President of the Republic to allow all Burundians to express themselves in relation to the various issues of concern.

In his opening remarks, the spokesperson of the President of the Republic, Alain-Diomède Nzeyimana, first presented to the Burundian population, the greetings of the Highest Authority of the country which is pleased with the security situation prevailing in the country and thanked all those who are sparing no effort so that peace is made profitable by the development works.

As Burundi begins the new agricultural season, the Head of State asks the Ministry in charge of Agriculture, the administration and the agronomists to supervise the population and to ensure that fertilizers arrive in time to all farmers without distinction. He also warned that some traders are sabotaging the country’s economy by confiscating strategic goods such as sugar, fuel and fertilizers. However, he reassures that considerable efforts are underway to make these products available.

As for the recently elected hill notables, the Head of State asks them to be trustworthy personalities who can serve the population in all impartiality by fighting injustice and by promoting love and social cohesion.

During this public broadcast, the main questions asked by the media were mainly related to the lack of fuel, the reform of pensions which is slow to materialize, the diplomatic relations between Rwanda and Burundi, the unblocking of the careers of the staff of parastatals and personalized administrations of the State,…

On the issue of the shortage of petroleum products, the spokesman of the President of the Republic Alain-Diomède Nzeyimana invited the population to denounce any person who contributes to the overbidding of basic necessities, reassuring that the State via Regideso has taken in hand the issue of fuel importation.

Regarding the shortage of FOMI fertilizers, he said that it has been found that demand has far exceeded the supply of FOMI, and that the Head of State has already requested that there are other operators to spice up the FOMI plant.

Speaking on the issue of the recent government reshuffle, Alain-Diomède Nzeyimana said that the President of the Republic has full right to do so when he sees that some members of the government are no longer performing their duties properly.

On the issue of Burundi-Rwanda relations, and especially the reopening of borders, the Presidential Spokesman said that Burundi aspires to normalize relations with Rwanda especially at this time when it holds the presidency of the EAC. He stressed, however, that the extradition of the 2015 putschists is one of the sine-qua-none conditions for the consolidation of cooperation.

Regarding the issue of the ruling by the EAC Court of Justice on the presidential term of 2015-2020, the Burundian Government Spokesman Prosper Ntahorwamiye replied that the said trial is irrelevant, because this term has already been consumed, and moreover even the late President Pierre Nkurunziza is no more.

Regarding the issue related to the unblocking of the careers of employees of parastatals and personalized state administrations, the Prime Minister’s spokesman, Moïse Nkurunziza, said that a commission will soon be set up to make an in-depth study, as was the case for the unblocking of civil servants.

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