Vice President BAZOMBANZA joins the people of Mwaro in community development work on the cattle market grounds

The Vice-President of the Republic HE Prosper BAZOMBANZA held a meeting for the provincial heads of service and communal administrators of Mwaro province, and then joined the population in the community development works on the land that houses the cattle market at Bisha hill in Rusaka commune.

Prosper BAZOMBANZA said that with the outbreak of the Rift Valley Fever epizootic, it was recommended that each province should have its own livestock market, so that livestock traders would not be obliged to go and sell in the livestock markets of the peripheral provinces. He suggested to this effect, to the provincial administration to think of improving the slaughterhouse by installing appropriate equipment to ensure the good conservation and consequently, a better marketing of the meat.

The Vice President of the Republic also congratulated the population for having welcomed with open arms this project of livestock market and advised the breeders to keep their herds in permanent stalling in order to increase the organic manure, the milk and many others, and to be vigilant, as for the epizootic of the Rift Valley fever which was noticed in some provinces of Burundi, in order to avoid its propagation, and then he reminded the farmers to be well prepared for this cropping season.

For his part, the Provincial Governor expressed the wish to build buildings for trade around the cattle market and also called on the owners of the stores around the old market of Mwaro to renovate them, with the aim of enlarging and making the town of Mwaro cleaner.

Finally, Vice-President BAZOMBANZA specified that the purpose of this meeting held for the heads of departments and the communal administrators was to exchange on the socio-economic and security situation of the province, He noted that the situation is generally good, except for a few cases of irregularities observed in the area of land tenure, and that consequently, recommendations were made in order to meet the challenges noted, with the aim of increasing production in accordance with the vision of the Burundian Head of State, Evriste Ndayishimiye.

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