about us

Who we are
Indundi.com is a multi-media content service provider and the largest electronic source of information on the Burundian music scene. Established in 2006, our website serves as an international musical archive to Burundi, Africa and the world as a whole.
Our ultimate goal is to present a highly user-friendly and exciting site that allows you quick and easy access to the content you are looking for, and also introduces you to music and information you didn’t even know existed. We aim for nothing less than being the premier destination for info on music in Burundi.
Our Vision
• To educate, expose and enlighten people about Burundian music, art, beauty, and culture through the Internet
• To promote and enhance the Burundian musical culture worldwide
• To form a sort of cohesiveness within the musical community in Burundi and the world by collectively promoting our individual musical goals and interest
• To create means, upon which both new and young talents can be discovered
• To increase the establishment of Burundian music worldwide
• To provide strategies to help emerging musicians from Burundi cross over the barriers of the conventional music business and take advantage of the emerging digital market place for global music
• To enrich the lives of Burundian everywhere
We believe that these solid and unified objectives will portray a better Burundian musical image abroad.